Beauty spells

Beauty spells

Beauty spells, Eye colour spells, Weight loss spell, Ward Against Miscarriage, Beauty Charm Spell, Giant Butt Spell, Reject Negative Energy, Fertility spell, Beauty of Face and Body, Angelic Voice, To Heal the Soul

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Beauty spells

Eye color spells

  • The closest kind of magic that you can do to change your eye color, would be a more general kind of “glamour” to alter how other people see you. They’re the most reliable or successful spells, and you can really specify how someone is going to see you. However, you can’t cast a glamor to specifically change your brown eyes to look blue, or your black hair into blonde.

Weight loss spell

  • Think about losing about 6-8 pounds a week after you have finished using the weight loss spell.
  • The weight loss spell increases your metabolism, helping your body burn calories faster.  The results will not be instant, but over time, you’ll find yourself shedding those extra pounds.  You can speed the results up by eating healthier food and making sure to exercise as much as you can.

Ward Against Miscarriage

  • If you’ve endured the heartbreak of a miscarriage, “ward against miscarriage spells” are the best for you.  — and roughly 15 percent of known pregnancies do end in miscarriage — you may have also experienced an unpleasant side effect of the experience: a crushing sense of guilt. First things first, if you are pregnant and you don’t want to lose a child again, first step is to make sure that you’re medically healthy and then you try as much as possible to keep your doctor appointments and also please do not do any activities that may threaten the well being of the baby.

Beauty Charm Spell

  • For all these problems you may go for the powerful Beauty Spell, as once the spell is on you then your personality and appearance will glow. The spell will emit positive energies and vibrations on you so that where ever you may go you will attract others by your appearance and charm and will attract attention of every one around you.

Giant Butt Spell

  • Increase Desirability
  • Become so irresistible that your partner and other people everywhere you pass by don’t ever want too get their eyes off you. This means you keeping the fire and attraction between the two of you. Increase the attraction and the way people look at you by using this spell.

Reject Negative Energy

  • This incantation will spiritually cleanse a place, and banish unwanted energies not only to you, but also the people around you(if you wish).  It is very very very useful for purifying a place of ritual before creating a circle, and also to remove remaining energy from unpleasant visitors after a ritual.  You can even use this as a hasty defense to ward off malevolent spirits.

Fertility spell

  • If you’re a woman having difficulty in conceiving. Just know that i know how frustrating, heartbreaking and complicated it can be and I understand people will sometimes go to desperate measures in order to conceive. We are talk about infertility and trying to conceive a lot here, so its high time we found what could be the problem of you infertility. By using this spell, youre going to be a parent, a full happy family.

To Heal the Soul

  • Heal your soul from any impurities, negative minds, wounds and scars that might have been caused to you in one way or the other. And you feel you dont have the mind to forgive anyone mostly because harm or pain that was caused to you in the past. It is that negative feeling of not forgiving that will be cast out of you to be a new person.

Angelic Voice

  • Improvise your voice and be with that vocal that everyone would love to listen to. If you are a person having a dream of becoming a world class musician or would just love to sing throughout your life then your aim in life is simple. You wish to overcome your vocal barriers and take your singing abilities to the topmost level. For this you need to follow a simple ritual which will help you to sing better. This might help you in singing at high pitch with freedom and incredible control than you ever had imagined,

Beauty of Face and Body

  • Either one of us wants to look beautiful and attractive, and at the same time, we all want that we have the perfect body, the perfect shape so that the other gender looks up on us and this is more relevant with the females than the males. Well, to my female readers, please don’t get upset am not talking bad rather this article is mainly written for all my female readers. This spell will help you understand the various types of beauty spell and the wonders that beauty spell can do for you.

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